Social Media Check-Ins and Gaming Stalls outside the Coliseum. Grab your gears at YONEX Pop-up store too.

  • 2018-11-16
As the YONEX-SUNRISE Hong Kong Badminton Championships 2018 is entering the final stages, we are bringing you the semi-finals, bronze medal playoffs as well as the finals this weekend. Apart from the exciting matchups, the Hong Kong Badminton Association have also setup multiple stalls across the Piazza just outside the Hong Kong Coliseum. Not only are there YONEX pop-up store for the best equipment you can ever find, there are also gaming stalls setup by HSBC Insurance and TOTAL. Go grab the gigantic badminton rackets for your social media check-ins, enjoy the games and all the fun you can ever imagine!

Hong Kong Badminton Championship had always been a local, and worldwide focal event in the badminton world. Don’t forget to grab the autographs and take pictures with the world class players at the stall setup by TOTAL, as they make their way to the Piazza at designated timeslots.

For badminton lovers, you’ll never miss the YONEX pop-up store on the Piazza just outside the Coliseum. Apart from the jerseys, shoes, rackets and carrying bags, game-limit special tees are also available. The YONEX pop-up store opens an hour before the first match during the weekend, and runs until 9pm on Saturday. Go pick your gears anytime during the day.

Not to be missed are certainly the gaming stalls setup by HSBC Insurance, go test your reflexes and smashing skills. Simply follow the HSBC Insurance Facebook page to get three chances, hit the shuttlecock to the scoring zones, or touch as many lights as you can within 30 seconds to bring home gorgeous gifts including umbrellas and all that. Enjoy the fun in and out of the Coliseum, come play and take the gifts home. Don’t miss it!