Olympic Players interact with local students at the International Star Players Community Demonstration cum Fun Day

  • 2016-11-26
Sponsored by Bank of China (Hong Kong), organized by Hong Kong Badminton Association, The International Star Players Community Demonstration cum Fun Day was held at the Hong Kong Coliseum today before the semi-finals of YONEX-SUNRISE Hong Kong Open Badminton Championships 2016 commence.

Huang Yuxiang, Zheng Siwei and Huang Yaqiong of China; the Doubles of Malaysia Tan Wee Kiong, Goh V Shem, Lee Cheuk Yiu and Or Chin Chung of Hong Kong interact with the students and demonstrate world class skills. Over 100 local secondary and primary school students arrived the Hong Kong Coliseum at 9am. There was a 7points friendly match followed by a kick off ceremony. The students were amazed by these top players’ skills. There was another 4 men match, students take turn to play. It was full of laughter.

Ng Ho Him, BOC Hong Kong youth division and Mak Chi Yan, student of Diocesan Girls' College got the chance to play against players from China and Malaysia. They both learn a lot and were excited to play against the Olympic representative. After the demonstration, there were an autograph session, hundreds of fans were lining up outside the Coliseum.

Tan Wee Kiong of Malaysia and Zheng Siwei of China gave good comments about the event. They said these interactive event can raise the kid’s interest of badminton. There wasn’t any event like that when they were a kid. Zheng said playing against hundreds of kids is not easy. It take a lot of strength.

Feedback of Students:

Ng Ho Him, 8 years old, BOC Hong Kong youth division. ‘I want to learn how to smash and was looking forward to this event, so I went to sleep early last night.’

Mak Cheuk Yin, 8 years old, La Salle Primary School. ‘ it was spectacular. I love Chen Long. He is very strong. I used to play basketball, now I want to concentrate on badminton.

Wan Ka Lam, La Salle Primary School. ‘ I am very happy to be here. You can only see these players on the TV and now you can meet them in person.

Leung Muk Yin, 8 years old, ‘ I am of happy to have the chance to play against them. I wish to correct my posture. My favorite player is Lee Cheuk Yiu.

Leung Chun Yin, 11 years old, ‘ The Malaysian player Tan Wee Kiong is very strong, his back hand, smashing and blocking skills are fantastic.’

Ma Ka Ho, 16 years old. ‘ Lee Cheuk Yiu is my favorite Hong Kong player. I want learn from him.’

Mak Chi Yan, student of Diocesan Girls' College. ‘It’s a great chance to have a close contact with the Olympic Silver medalist. ‘