YONEX-SUNRISE Hong Kong Open Badminton Championships
Part of the MetLife BWF World Superseries

Event information:

Hong Kong Badminton Association has host 29 “Hong Kong Open Badminton Championships” since 1982.  It was upgraded to a 6-star event since 2005. Since 2007, the Championships have become a Superseries event with total prize money of US$250,000.  The grand prize is increased from US$250,000 to US$350,000 in 2012.  This year, the grand prize is increased to US$400,000 being the highest prize for “Hong Kong Open” in history, attracts top world-ranking players.

YONEX-SUNRISE Hong Kong Open 2016
part of the MetLife BWF World Superseries

The 6-day “YONEX-SUNRISE Hong Kong Open Badminton Championships 2016 part of the MetLife BWF World Superseries”, duly sanctioned by the Badminton World Federation (BWF), shall be held by Hong Kong Badminton Association Limited between 22 and 27 November 2016 at Hong Kong Coliseum, Hunghom.  It is one of the BWF’s Superseries events with a grand prize over 3.1 million Hong Kong Dollars (US$ 400,000).

Patrons may request for free tickets for the first match day (22 Nov) by sending self-addressed envelope to HKBA.  Each person may request for 4 tickets while tickets are available on first-come-first-served basis.  Tickets for 23-27 Nov are available for sales at URBTIX from 3 November onwards.

Please visit our website for more news or call HKBA at 2504 8318 for enquiries.

Champions of the Hong Kong Opens